Good Nutrition

We asked a professional nutritionist to look at different ways that a family can eat healthily and nutritiously, including dietary needs, vitamins for kids and balanced meal planning. Their advice below helps show you how to encourage your kids to eat more of the right foods – even the ones they would usually do anything to avoid!

Please note that our healthy eating advice is for general guidance only. If you’re concerned about any health issues, contact NHS Direct at or consult your GP.


Mum looking at nutritional information

How you need to know about GDAs.


Family Eating

A family talking around the table

How to get them eating more of the good stuff!



A collection of healthy food

How to give them their 5 a day.


Food A-Z

The A-Z of food.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our food nutritionalist Penny Harding has answered many FAQ’s on food and nutrition.