They Hate So Try

If they can’t stand crusts or they hate eating veg, we can help you! Just select what they hate from the menu, below, and we’ll do they rest.

Have you tried?

Select an option from the menu above

Crusts on sandwiches


Flour tortillas, usually sold in bags and found in the bread department of the supermarket. They keep well but must be used quite quickly after opening. Eat rolled up with a filling of your choice.

Also look out for ‘crustless’ bread – found in the bread section of your supermarket


Wholemeal Pitta bread

Try Wholemeal Pitta bread and a humos dip. The dips will be in the refrigerated food section and the Pitta in the Bread isle of your supermarket.


Minced beef

Some kids can’t seem to tackle a piece of meat. Serve it minced and make in burgers or use in dishes such as spaghetti bolognese. Make your own from mince meat you buy on the meat counter or ready made in the ready meals section of your supermarket.

Fish fingers

Some kids won’t eat a fillet of fish but will eat it in small flakes in fish fingers or a composite dish such as fish pie or fish soup. You can make your own or buy ready made – found frozen or chilled in the supermarket.

Main Meals


Add visual appeal and lots of colour by serving garnished with vegetables in different shapes and sizes. Search the fruit and vegetable section of your supermarket to try out new veg to do the job.

Boiled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs

Scramble them and serve as ‘a face’ on toast with tomatoes as eyes and a pepper as a mouth!

Wholemeal Pasta

Small amounts

Add small amounts of wholemeal pasta to white as part of the meal. You will find wholemeal pasta together with other dried pasta on the shelf of your supermarket. You may also find the fresh variety in the fridge.

Jacket Potatoes

Potato wedges

Bake potato wedges in the oven and serve with dips. Make your own with fresh potatoes (keep the skins on) or buy them ready made in the freezer section of the supermarket.

Tomato sauce

Use tomato-based sauce on pasta and rice dishes. Find in the sauce section of your supermarket and/or near the pasta.


Rice pudding or custard

Offer foods made with milk such as white sauces on savoury dishes, rice pudding and custard. You can use long life milk in cooking and this is handy to have in store in the cupboard at home. Find in cartons on the shelf in the supermarket.

Whole Fresh Fruit


Offer in other forms such as in a smoothie (found with the juices in the fridge of the supermarket), as a puree on desserts or in a fruit crumble. Buy ready made puree in jars, found on the shelf in your supermarket.

Green Vegetables


Disguise them in a soup or main dish or on pop onto pizza. There is a huge choice of frozen pizza available in the fridge and freezer sections of your supermarket – just top them with your own veg before cooking at home.

New Food

Small portions

Serve small portions of new foods along with familiar foods.

Chick Peas


Offer them hummus dip with slices of pitta bread and vegetable sticks. Find hummus in the deli section of your supermarket.



Cook and serve in a cheese sauce; Blend into a vegetable sauce and serve with pasta or rice. Make your own sauces or buy ready made in the chilled section of your supermarket.


Guacomole dip

Make into a guacamole dip and serve with toasted pitta bread and/or vegetable sticks. Find avocados in the fruit and vegetable section of your supermarket and guacamole dip in the fridge.



Try couscous as an alternative to rice.