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Create the Perfect Piñata

Impress your friends by making your very own piñata!


Piñatas are a Mexican tradition. Originally in the shape of a six-pointed star, today they are designed in all types of shapes, including animals, plants and flowers. The piñata is hung from a tree and people take turns swinging at it (carefully mind!) with sticks (but make sure you have plenty of room first). Eventually, the piñata breaks open – releasing the sweets and goodies it contains!

What You Will Need

  • 2 cups flour

  • Paint, crayons or marker pens

  • 3 cups water

  • Coloured crepe paper

  • 1 balloon

  • String

  • Old newspapers

Getting Started

  • Lay out some old newspaper or towels before you start so you can protect the surface you are working on.

  • Blow up a large balloon and tie the end in a knot.

  • Mix the flour and water thoroughly, until it makes a smooth paste.

  • Cut newspaper into long, inch-wide strips and dip these into the flour/water mixture.

  • Carefully place the strips onto the balloon, working round until it’s covered, but leaving a hole at the knotted end.

  • Set the covered balloon aside and leave it to dry.

  • Place another layer of newspaper dipped in the mixture over the balloon, then allow this to dry.

  • Repeat with one final layer – making sure you still leave the hole.

  • When it’s completely dry, pop the balloon you’ll be able to remove it.

  • You now have a hollow papier-mâché piñata! Paint it to your own different designs and colours.

  • Hang colored crepe paper from the sides and bottom, for added colour.

  • Punch two small holes in the top, near the opening, and thread a large piece of string through the holes, so it can be hung from a tree.

  • Fill your piñata (through the hole you left, now at the top) with goodies – sweets, fruit, toys or any other imaginative surprises.

  • Hang your piñata securely with the string and you’re ready to get started!

A piñata
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